Sunday, July 24, 2016

Necklace Standard Lengths for Women

Blue Lace Agate Statement Necklace Baroque Pearl
Unless you make jewelry, necklace lengths for women can sometimes be confusing for people so I wanted to share some information here with you.  The following graphic lists the lengths for women's necklaces and how they will look on.

Listed below is the length and name of each necklace shown on the graphic.  You can click on the name of the lengths to see an example of each one in my shop at Blonde Peach Jewelry on Etsy.

Choker - 14 to 16 inches long - The necklace falls around the base of the neck.  An open collar or a strapless top would look best with this choice.

Princess - 17 to 19 inches long - The most common length of a necklace is 18 inches and falls at the collarbone.  A high neckline would look best with this style necklace.

Matinee  - 20 to 24 inches long - The necklace falls at or below the neckline.

Opera - 28 to 36 inches long - This style necklace can be worn as a single long strand or doubled to wear as a shorter necklace.  This length is a very versatile length.

Bridal - 17 inches long is the average length but obviously it would depend on the style dress.