Thursday, June 22, 2017

Best 25 Stylish Comfortable Clip on Earrings for Women

I think you will agree with me that when it comes to finding a pair of comfortable clip on earrings that are also beautiful, you often have to compromise.  One pair is really pretty but very uncomfortable to wear.  Another pair might be comfortable but looks like your mother or grandmother might wear them!  I promise you that you will enjoy the handmade clip on earrings that I create because they are stylish and comfortable.

Who Wears Clip on Earrings Anyway?  Many women choose to wear clip on earrings now.  Some women have never pierced their ears while others have pierced their ears but their ear lobes have stretched over time.  A small percentage of women have had their ears pierced but experienced problems and now need to wear clip on earrings or nothing at all.  We all want to look our best and wearing earrings is one way that women have chosen to adorn themselves.

How Do I Choose Comfortable Clip on Earrings?  There are many different types of clip backs for earrings but they are not all the same.  When choosing your clip on earrings, look for clip backs that have soft rubber inserts like these: 

I use these Tierra Cast clip backs for all of my handmade clip on earrings.  I have tested them myself to see if they are comfortable and they really are.  I made a pair of earrings to wear to a party with clip backs like these.  I wore them for about 4 hours and except when someone mentioned how pretty they were I forgot that I had them on!

Where Do I Find Stylish Clip on Earrings?  In my opinion, the best place to find stylish clip on earrings is in handmade shops or festivals.  I have a growing collection of beautiful and comfortable clip on earrings in my Etsy shop at Blonde Peach Jewelry.  Take a few minutes now to check them out before you forget and miss out on purchasing a pair of clip on earrings that you will be very happy with for a long time! 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Mother's Day Countdown - Week Four

Time is flying by as usual and it is time for week four of the MDC sponsored by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions.

I would like to share my favorite picks from the group with you here.  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Black Crystal Lampwork Beads Aurae Metallic Band Glossy Beads - Click Image to Close

Short Beaded Pendant Necklace Purple Pearl Mosaic Magnesite Gemstone

Short Beaded Pendant Necklace Purple Pearl Mosaic Magnesite Gemstone

Green Jasper Gemstone Tear Drop Women's Necklace and Earrings Set | Amazonite Jasper Gemstone Necklace Set | Lady Green Eyes Jewelry

Pink Rhodocrosite Natural Gemstone Sterling Pendant Black Leather Cord

Friday, March 24, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Blu Print: She Was Born in February

The Blu Print: She Was Born in February: Second Place She may be second, but that doesn’t make her second best by any means. In fact, she is charming and makes a wonderful first i...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I am sharing the second week of the Mother's Day Countdown by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions.

In addition to the countdown I thought you might enjoy reading about the tradition of Mother's Day in some other countries.

In the United Kingdom, Mother's Day or Mothering Day as it is called there, is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent.  The people there celebrate the occasion much as we do here in the US with flowers, cards, gifts and family meals.

In Brazil Mother's Day is one of the most commercial holidays.  It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  They have special children's performances and church gatherings.  After church many people have multi-generational barbeques.

Germany celebrates Mother's Day or Muttertag as it is called there on the second Sunday in May unless it falls on Pentecost.  If it does then the occasion is celebrated on the first Sunday in May.  The event is celebrated with cards, gifts, flowers and festive meals.

Japan's Mother's Day is celebrated the second Sunday in May.  Red carnations are commonly given and symbolize the gentle strength of mothers who are revered in the Japanese culture.  Children might draw pictures of their mothers as gifts.  The children also take over household chores.  Special meals are served to honor the mothers.

In Australia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.  Aunts and grandmothers are also acknowledged on Mother's Day.  Carnations and chrysanthemums are commonly given flowers on the special day.  Chrysanthemums are a popular choice because mothers in their country are called "Mum".  They have lots of events around Mother's Day to raise money for women's causes.

Peru celebrates the occasion on the second Sunday in May.  Children often make handmade items for their mothers and mother's give the children gifts in return.  Gifts might include chocolates and other treats.  A special meal is also enjoyed by the family.  The people of Peru also celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth or Pachamama in August.  Pachamama was an ancient mythological goddess loved by Andean people.  It was thought that she was the cause of earthquakes and also the bringer of fertility. The event day is called Martes de Challa.

In France Mother's Day is celebrated at the end of the fall rainy season as part of a 3 day Antrosht Festival that is dedicated to mothers.  They also have large feasts where the daughters traditionally bring veggies, butter, spices and cheese.  The sons bring different kinds of meats that might also include lamb or bull.  The food is included in a hash recipe.  After the meal the family sings and dances.

India celebrates Mother's Day in much the way we do in the US.  They reflect on the importance of mothers.  The Hindu people of India celebrate the goddess Durga or Divine Mother.  They have a 10 day festival called Durga Puja in October where they celebrate the triumph of good over evil.  Gifts are given to friends and family and feasts are also enjoyed.

The last country I will share with you is Serbia.  Mother's Day there is celebrated in December with a 3 day event that includes Father's Day and Children's Day.  The event is spread out on consecutive Sundays.  On Children's Day, the children are tied up and must agree to behave before they are released.  On Mother's Day, the mothers are tied up until they supply special treats and small gifts to the children.  You guessed it!  Fathers are tied up on their special day and are not unbound until they give the family Christmas gifts.  The family will enjoy a feast after the gifts are given out.

I found this information in an online article written by Corey Whelan who is a freelance journalist in New York.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about the traditions as much as I have!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Blu Print: She Was Born in January

The Blu Print: She Was Born in January: Always First Janus is the god of the doorway, and there is nothing closer to a doorway into a new year than the month of January. Both hot...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

Julie of Blue Morning Expressions is hosting a Mother's Countdown event that I and many other talented artisans will be participating in this year.  You will find some beautiful items that would be great for your Mom, wife, girlfriend, sister or any other friend or relative.

I hope you take the opportunity to view it each week until Mother's Day to check out all of the gorgeous things that will be listed.

Here is some of my handcrafted jewelry that I am sharing in the countdown this week.

Purple Lucite Flower Earrings

Sunday, March 5, 2017

There are so many talented artisans around that I would like to highlight some of them and their work here.  All of these artists make jewelry.  For some of them their art is a hobby but for some it is a full time job.  Either way, you will find some wonderful and unique gift items for friends, family or yourself here.  Click on the description to be taken to these shops where you can see more lovely items for sale.  I hope you enjoy these visual treats!

Black Onyx and Turquoise Artisan Earrings Pewter Hoops Swarovski Handmade Boho Jewelry

Just imagine sitting around a crackling campfire wearing these handmade, boho style earrings, their glittery beauty keeping time with the music and wonderful conversation with friends! Faceted black onyx teardrops, turquoise heishe, and hot looking Swarovski crystal dangles were carefully wire wrapped onto textured, lead free pewter hoops to create the GYPSY DANCE one of a kind earrings.  Colorful and sparkly, they speak to the free spirited side of a woman. Carefully designed and handcrafted by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs, the unique loveliness of these Coachella style earrings make a bold statement for the woman who is not scared of being bold!

Beautiful shades of red abound in this cuff style bracelet. Lovely antique silver links are strategically spaced to hold the strands in place along with 4mm bright silver-plated beads. Six little charms dangle from the ends using matching beads. The different shades of red are obtained by using the following:

*Red Lined clear glass square beads
*Opaque red square resin beds
*Dark red silver lined triangular glass beads
*Iris red triangular glass beads #5

Since I used memory wire to create this bangle there is no worry on sizing. This bracelet will fit a 6 to 9 inch wrist with no problem.

Comes packaged in an organza pouch.

Guitar String bangle bracelet with pewter treble clef bead, steel and phosphorous bronze strings

Guitar String bangle bracelet designed with phosphorous bronze (copper color tone) and steel strings. Focal point is a Pewter Treble clef bead. Copper and brass wire is wrapped on both sides to not only add a design element but to also secure the coiled strings. 

I have two sizes available:
Small - 7.5 inch (19 cm) inner circumference
Medium - 8 inch ( 20.2 cm) inner circumference

To measure around your knuckles to see if it will fit pinch your fingers together and take a tape measure and measure around your knuckles including your thumb. 

These guitar string bangles are very flexible due to the nature of the strings so they are easy to put on and take off with just a slight squeeze to create an oval and slip over your knuckles. 

I have cleaned these but due to the fact the they are used you will see the fret wear marks and some discoloration. 

Blue Butterfly Earrings, Sparkly Blue Crystal Earrings, Czech Glass Boho Earring, Gold Filled Beads, Symbolic Jewelry, One of a Kind Jewelry

These pretty handmade earrings bring together Czech glass butterfly beads and sparkly deep blue crystals in a cheerful and bright one-of-a-kind pair of eye-catching dangles. The butterfly beads are each unique in some way, as they were handmade in the Czech Republic, and make lovely companions. They each have some gold outlining, which is rusticated in places, and which I have complemented with small faceted glass gold-tinted rondelles and delicate gold-filled rounds (2mm). The sparkling crystals are a vivid "Capri blue" from Swarovski (made in Austria), in two sizes (4mm and 6mm), and bicone in shape.

Each dangle sports a butterfly focal between a split pair of the faceted glass rondelles and surmounted by a larger and then smaller blue bicone crystal. There is a gold-filled round between the crystals and another faceted glass bead at the very top. The pins are 22K gold-plated, as are the French-style earring hooks. I have ornamented them with a repeat of the smaller Capri blue bicones, and they come with clear ear stoppers (otherwise known as ear guards or ear nuts).

The length of these earrings is approximately 2 inches. Please refer to my photos for a measurement picture that includes a ruler and coin for size comparison.

Butterflies are one of the joys of summer, and so it's not surprising that joy itself is high among their symbolic meanings. They also represent metamorphosis, change, new beginnings, and rebirth. It's also a common belief that they symbolize the soul. Blue is a special color for butterflies, and adds a further association to a change in luck and, in some cultures, the magical dimension of a wish granter.

These cheery and elegant blue butterfly earrings were carefully handmade by me with the best of wishes for their destined wearer. They come on PrettyGonzo cards and in a sweet organza bag, all set for giving to someone special - perhaps yourself!

This owl necklace for women is a one-of-a-kind statement piece that features an artisan designed, handmade porcelain owl and face pendant. Seen throughout the ages as symbols, among other things, of wisdom, intelligence and protection, owls are very popular for adornment. Perched as it is, alongside the calm and ethereal appearing woman, this is a very soothing and attractive pendant. It reminds me of a goddess and an owl. Perhaps it is Athena and the owl!

The bead part of this owl statement necklace was created with three different Czech glass beads. There are two sizes of rondelle shaped beads. The larger are an ivory and tanzanite purple mix with a Picasso fullcoat. The Picasso finish gives the glass bead the appearance of stone at first glance. Interspersed between each of those beads are smaller 3x2mm turquoise beads with soft purple gold luster finish. The largest beads, of which there are four, are 18mm flower coin beads in an aqua, yellow and brown mix with a Picasso finish.

The necklace is strung on professional quality jeweler’s wire and finished with a silver TierraCast toggle clasp and sterling silver crimp beads. The pendant is attached with a sterling silver jump ring. I have placed wire guards at each end of the necklace where the wire attaches to the clasp. This prevents wear and tear on the jewelers wire, assuring a long lasting necklace. The clasp is easy to put on and take off. The necklace is approximately 18″ in length with an additional 1-1/2″ drop of the pendant.

This owl and woman necklace will be sent with a Solana Kai Designs tag, wrapped in colorful tissue and placed in a complimentary decorative organza drawstring bag. It will arrive ready for you to wear or to give as a gift.

Bright rosy copper metal and a sea-green colored jasper stone are the center of attention in these abstract handmade earrings. The earring dangle comprises a plump round “fancy jasper” bead in a pretty bluish sea green color at the bottom of a long tube of copper. The copper and gemstone dangle swings on a handcrafted ear wire also made of bright copper wire. Two colors; two shapes; these earrings celebrate simplicity of design.

Fancy jasper is also known as India agate. It comes in many colors and often mottled patterns. The beads I chose for these earrings are a pretty bluish green color that to my eye looks just perfect with the rosiness of brightly polished copper. As with all natural stones, the two stones do not “match” perfectly, one has a little more milky color and the other a darker green. The India agate stones have a highly polished finish adding cool reflections to the warm copper setting.

Long copper tube dangle earrings:

- Sea green fancy jasper stone beads are 8mm or 3/16-inch in diameter
- Copper tube beads, handcrafted headpin and ear wires are finished bright
- Earrings hang slightly under 2-inches long (~49mm)

What can I wear these smashing blue-green and copper earrings with, you ask? Anything but the most olive leaning greens I would say, but why worry? Nature doesn’t. Just wear them and feel their dangling bouncy fun with your casual Friday outfit…or Saturday, or Sunday….

These cute clip on earrings feature charming lampwork blue birds. The sweet little birds are perched on petite wooden sticks and a stone pebble. The blue drop earrings are 1.5 inches long. They are connected to silver clip backs that have a shiny dimpled texture. The clip backs are very comfortable due to the soft rubber inserts. The earrings are light weight and look so great on. Wouldn't they make the perfect gift for her?

Materials I used in the earrings:

- Lampwork birds - 21 mm, dark blue
- Silver plate clip backs - 20 mm, rectangle with rounded edges, dimple texture
- Wooden stick - 1.25 inches, light brown
- Stone pebble - 10 mm, gray
- Silver plate head pins

These earrings are designed and handmade by me, Sharon, of Blonde Peach Jewelry. They will arrive in an attractive organza bag that is great for storage or gift giving.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the earrings. Thank you for browsing through my shop of handcrafted jewelry. Check back often to see frequently added listings.