Saturday, March 18, 2017

I am sharing the second week of the Mother's Day Countdown by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions.

In addition to the countdown I thought you might enjoy reading about the tradition of Mother's Day in some other countries.

In the United Kingdom, Mother's Day or Mothering Day as it is called there, is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent.  The people there celebrate the occasion much as we do here in the US with flowers, cards, gifts and family meals.

In Brazil Mother's Day is one of the most commercial holidays.  It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  They have special children's performances and church gatherings.  After church many people have multi-generational barbeques.

Germany celebrates Mother's Day or Muttertag as it is called there on the second Sunday in May unless it falls on Pentecost.  If it does then the occasion is celebrated on the first Sunday in May.  The event is celebrated with cards, gifts, flowers and festive meals.

Japan's Mother's Day is celebrated the second Sunday in May.  Red carnations are commonly given and symbolize the gentle strength of mothers who are revered in the Japanese culture.  Children might draw pictures of their mothers as gifts.  The children also take over household chores.  Special meals are served to honor the mothers.

In Australia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.  Aunts and grandmothers are also acknowledged on Mother's Day.  Carnations and chrysanthemums are commonly given flowers on the special day.  Chrysanthemums are a popular choice because mothers in their country are called "Mum".  They have lots of events around Mother's Day to raise money for women's causes.

Peru celebrates the occasion on the second Sunday in May.  Children often make handmade items for their mothers and mother's give the children gifts in return.  Gifts might include chocolates and other treats.  A special meal is also enjoyed by the family.  The people of Peru also celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth or Pachamama in August.  Pachamama was an ancient mythological goddess loved by Andean people.  It was thought that she was the cause of earthquakes and also the bringer of fertility. The event day is called Martes de Challa.

In France Mother's Day is celebrated at the end of the fall rainy season as part of a 3 day Antrosht Festival that is dedicated to mothers.  They also have large feasts where the daughters traditionally bring veggies, butter, spices and cheese.  The sons bring different kinds of meats that might also include lamb or bull.  The food is included in a hash recipe.  After the meal the family sings and dances.

India celebrates Mother's Day in much the way we do in the US.  They reflect on the importance of mothers.  The Hindu people of India celebrate the goddess Durga or Divine Mother.  They have a 10 day festival called Durga Puja in October where they celebrate the triumph of good over evil.  Gifts are given to friends and family and feasts are also enjoyed.

The last country I will share with you is Serbia.  Mother's Day there is celebrated in December with a 3 day event that includes Father's Day and Children's Day.  The event is spread out on consecutive Sundays.  On Children's Day, the children are tied up and must agree to behave before they are released.  On Mother's Day, the mothers are tied up until they supply special treats and small gifts to the children.  You guessed it!  Fathers are tied up on their special day and are not unbound until they give the family Christmas gifts.  The family will enjoy a feast after the gifts are given out.

I found this information in an online article written by Corey Whelan who is a freelance journalist in New York.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about the traditions as much as I have!